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How to Use Your Bonus?

With our gift cards, you can improve your festivities in addition to having access to Entartica's world of hospitality and entertainment. Any of our celebration packages can be used to make benefit of the bonus points and additional bonuses. Your gift card will add even more excitement to any event you're organizing, be it a corporate meeting, family outing, or team-building exercise.

Why Choose Entartica's Gift Cards?

1. Versatility: Our gift cards are perfect for a variety of occasions due to their extreme versatility. Our cards are made to fit any occasion, whether it's a sincere present for loved ones, a thank-you for your diligent staff, or an elegant gesture for business gatherings.

2. Unique Experiences: Choosing our gift cards entitles you to unique experiences rather than merely a present. Recipients get to experience luxury, entertainment, and adventure while making priceless memories.

3. Bonus Benefits: Every card has bonus points that provide you and your receivers access to additional benefits. You can use these points to improve your trips or event experiences, adding even more special touches to all of your interactions with Entartica Seaworld.

4. Extra Bonanza: We think that your festivities should have a little magic added to them. You can expect a wonderful surprise since each card has an additional bonus. You can use this additional bonus for a variety of celebrations to make sure you're absolutely amazing.

5. Flexible Celebrations: You can customize your celebrations to your tastes by using your bonus points and additional perks. You may design the ideal experience for every occasion, whether it's a corporate function, a peaceful getaway, or a day of exploration.

6. Entertainment Expertise: Entartica Seaworld is well known for its ability to offer top-notch hospitality and entertainment. Choosing one of our gift cards gives you access to a vast entertainment selection hand-picked by experts who know just what it takes to make occasions unforgettable.

When you select Entartica's Gift Cards, you're choosing something more than a simple present. You will be bestowing upon others the treasure of remarkable experiences, thrilling expeditions, and festivity that will be remembered for a long time. With our unique gift cards, you can make this festival of lights genuinely memorable.


Terms & Conditions

  • This card is a prepaid card and loyalty card for ‘Entratica Sea World’ and not a credit card.
  • This card may be used for purchasing tickets to the ‘Entartica Sea World’ and any related products like food and beverages.
  • This card can only be used by the owner, however it may be given to another person with the consent of the owner only once and must never be sold or traded to someone else.
  • Keep your card secure and do not lose it as it cannot be reproduced and the value is non-refundable.
  • If your card is lost or stolen, please inform ‘Entartica Sea World’ immediately to arrange a replacement.
  • This card is valid for 365 days from the date of last transaction.
  • The holder of this card agrees to all the terms and conditions set by 'Entartica Sea World'.